FMWhatsApp Privacy Settings you should know

FMWhatsApp APK is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. FMWhatsApp is often favored by everyone due to privacy issues. The developers have provided a number of easy to use privacy settings in FMWhatsApp APK. You may already be familiar with some of the privacy settings. Still, we hope this blog will help you to use FM Mod WhatsApp privacy features.

FMWhatsApp Privacy Settings you should know

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Freeze last time

FMWhatsApp allows you to disable the "Last Seen" option in the note at the top of the conversation interface. Alternatively, you can give this permission only to your contacts and you don't have to show it to everyone.

Decide who can see your photos

Sometimes we don't want our photos to be seen by everyone. With FMWhatsApp APK, you can decide who can see the photos. You can choose between "Everyone", "My contacts" and "No one".

Prohibit others from dragging you into groups.

I'm sure everyone has faced this kind of annoyance at some point. As soon as you open WhatsApp, you realize that you join a lot of groups. This is because WhatsApp allows other people to add you to groups without your consent. Luckily, in the latest version of FMWhatsApp, you can now control who can add you to groups.

You can set this up under Privacy > Groups.

Hide online status

FMWhatsApp APK can now hide your online status. If you don't want some people to know when you are online, you can try this unique feature: once you activate it, your friends will stop receiving an online alert. Even if you open the dialog box to chat with you, it still shows the offline status.

Decide who can call you

Some nuisance calls are hard to defend against. The caller will keep calling even if you hang up. FMWhatsApp can download the APK to decide who can call me, a feature WhatsApp doesn't have. There are three options to choose from, so you can use this feature in detail to block some unnecessary calls.

FM WhatsApp The latest version of has many privacy features. For example, disable the blue check mark. You can click on the FMWhatsApp download link below to go to the page for more information.